Online Casino - Beginners Guide to joining the Best Casinos!

For those looking to join a casino it can be slightly daunting, with not only the numbers available online, but the added stigma of knowing that you’re looking to gamble and should you take this massive step. We know the feeling all too well, so we are going to guide you through the process by looking at what online casinos offer in terms of games, services, and the online bonuses that are available to new members, so you can learn more about the prospects ahead. Our guide will also cover the small print and put forward into key points for ease of reading and learning.

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Online Casino – Where to begin when looking for the top rated online casino and what do they offer its members?

The process of joining a casino is fairly simple, picking the right one is the tough part, but as we go through the guide you’ll learn what to look out for and with our various links to sites like that will further expand on a select topic. The first place to begin is with yourself. What are you joining for? Fun? Financial gain? Curiosity? Knowing what you want will help with the decision of the casino you opt for, they may all look the same and to a degree, they may seem to offer the same things, but once inside you’ll begin to notice those little differences. If your goal is short term success then you’re best to look out for casinos which are offering No Deposit Bonuses, we will, of course, come to this in more detail in the bonus section, and long term success is the more rewarding approach. The more you Play the more Prizes you get.

When new members register they immediately become part of the members club, they collect point and prizes the more they play, once inside you are treated to promotions, some casinos offer them on a daily basis, others weekly. Casinos have back office tools that manage a player portfolio, your preferred gambling technique, in terms of the games you play and how often, will be analysed and reviews the free bonuses you are rewarded whilst playing inside. So, if you enjoy roulette, you’ll most likely get free games as a bonus, if you like poker or blackjack, you’re most likely to be rewarded with cash bonuses to use inside of these particular games, thusly the long term success is more rewarding.

An added benefit for joining a casino, is that they will have their casino playable on all devises, such as Mac’s, PC’s, mobile phones and even are tablet friendly. VIP Membership can see you Win a Hot Car or Cash Bonuses.

Safety and Security – What to look out for when choosing the online casino for you and not getting caught out!


The best online casino Canada offers should be a safe one! This should always rank number one in aspect of casino detail that you should focus on when you begin looking at casinos. The internet is not the safest place, people will make fraudulent sites to take people’s money, it’s just the way it is sometimes, but spotting the fakes from the eligible casinos is an easy thing to do if you know what to look for.

Every online casino has to jump through endless hoops to get a gambling license, the UK Gambling Commission is infamous with its rigid rules and regulations, and rightly so, because of this, when a casino passes and gets licensed they are certified to act legally and offer customers a site which to gamble from. The casinos boast their achievement and the signs are spotted in one of two main places, the homepage of a casino, usually along the bottom or it is found in the ‘about us’ section of the casino site.

If there is no regulated licensing information, then they are most likely an illegal site or extremely unreliable. “If it’s not Licensed, then it’s not Legal”.

Safe secure payments and transactions must also be highlighted, not forgetting to mention your personal details which you pass over when your sign up. Look out for the banking or payments section is a casino and they should inform you of the tools in place to stop any fraudulent activity.

SSL Digital Encryption is the latest tool used online and will be used by the best casinos, that are obligated to have your security as number one priority and help with fast payouts. Should you have questions for the casino, they should have friendly 24/7 support available for live chat queries.

Payments themselves are something to check, to make sure you can actually deposit money and withdraw with your current banking set up, it would be advised to look to see if the casino accepts your set up, the details of their payment terms will be within the site, it will also advise of the cashout time when you decide to take away your winnings.

Casino Games – What to play when you join an online casino, will there be enough for you to be entertained?

Slots- The most common of games to find inside any casino establishment, which you’ll notice in an instant when looking at the games lobby, some holding over a thousand games all ranging in different styles and themes made by the industry’s leading games developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and BetSoft. Of the slots, the progressive jackpot games hold the big money prizes that can reach into the millions. You’ll have 3D gaming and a few virtual reality ones if you’re lucky enough to find a casino which holds them. Developers strike big licensing deals in the casino world and bring famous titles to the slot world, such as the Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics, titles from all over the entertainment business have been transformed into online slot games, so you may stumble across some very eye-catching games to play. The slots hold a number of bonus features and levels for in-depth gaming, some keep it simple and basic. Recently developers are bringing back 8-bit retro gaming and design, you have slots in all shapes and sizes from 5 reel slots to 9 reel slots, which are real fun because they are rarely made. Infoplay buttons on the game tell you of the internal bonus features and if the game is developed as an RTP or RNG, so you really are spoilt for choice as the list goes on, so you can expect a lot of time within the games lobby is passed. For further information around this area head on over to

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Classic casino – A host of table games and card games are on option, from roulette, blackjack, poker, Texas Hold’em, these familiar titles are subject to just one form of game, they come with a whole host of variants where the games have been tweaked for different needs and styles, depending on the casino you find, you could come across 15 different ways of gambling on roulette, and numerous versions of video poker. The variant and core games also come as live casino versions, real-time casino games usually hosted and presented by model-like dealers. Live casino gaming is a brilliant option, you have direct communication with the host and other players and the money prizes can reach healthy amounts.

Tournaments – Casinos recognised the attractiveness of player challenges and obliged the demand by hosting in-house tournaments to push player’s needs, the tournaments usually cover slot games, but specialized once are available for blackjack and poker. The premise is to have players reach certain levels and points by playing games and hitting markers on a leader board, the top three go through to a weekend long challenge, their efforts of getting to the final are financially rewarded, with this reward you have to outdo the competition of the other finalists by making the most profit from the reward granted to you. Success obviously means riches and also your name illuminated on the casino’s website.

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Bonuses – Top rated online casinos may not necessarily offer the best bonuses, so look around to find the best.

Here are the best online casino Canada bonuses that are on the market:

No Deposit bonus - Going back to what we mentioned earlier in the guide about short term success, will this is the bonus for you. This isn’t, however, the most lucrative, but you’re going to get something for nothing. The bonus comes as either free spins or cash, though small in numbers, you will still get to experience the casino and play games for free with real money payout.

Free spins - Slot fans brace yourself, this is a very rewarding casino bonus to score, and it can offer up to and sometimes go in excess of 1000 free spins. It’s a good place to start if you wish to build a bankroll to bet from and it’s going to give you hour’s if not days of free games with real money to win.

Deposit Bonus - The best, as far as we are concerned, and the most popular one going around on the internet. You make a deposit of money that you will in turn gamble from once inside, but the casino will take that deposit value and multiply by a percentage, usually 100% but it can go higher so look out for those.

We hope this has been of great help and interest, remember safety when looking for casinos to join, if they hold the games you want to play and get the best welcome bonus you can. if you would like a recommendation, then head on over to this site, If you're interested in getting more specific information on Canadian casinos, then is a highly recommended site. There you will find online casino canada real money opportunities so lookout for thousands of Canadian dollar flooding into your bank account.